15. Enter the Fascists

To the victor, the spoils? Having turned their fortunes around and discovered patriotism in the process, Italy expected to be rewarded for being on th...View Details

14. Sangfroid and Grit

As Adolf Hitler recovers from his wounding, the German state is brought to catastrophe by blockade, shortages and disease. Rather than face reality, H...View Details

13. Baraka!

Spain may have remained neutral in the First World War, but world events and the rise of Bolshevism could not protect the country from heightened tens...View Details

12. Bigamy at Christmas?

The Italian Government finally decides whose side it is on and joins the Great War, but Benito Mussolini has a lot on his plate already. When not figh...View Details

11. The Blank Cheque

A man with no prospects signs up with a country with no plan to go to a war with no point. Discover the blunders of Germany's early war effort, as wel...View Details

10. The Eve of the War

As the farcical actions of a ragtag group of young nationalists plunges Europe into war, we look at the reactions in Germany, Italy and Spain. While H...View Details

9. The Fuhrer

Turn-of-the-century Vienna was a city of contrasts: a racial melting-pot and a right-wing bastion, a thriving intellectual scene and a hotbed of bigot...View Details

8. The Gathering Storm

Mussolini's brief career in the military had little effect on his political outlook. In fact, once his national service was over, his abilities in rea...View Details

7. If I Were a Rich Man

Far from being a precocious young man of destiny as he would later claim, Adolf Hitler led the life of an indolent, directionless and cosseted youth. ...View Details

Entering the military provides Francisco Franco with an ideological quest: restore the honour of Spain or gloriously die in the attempt. But his caree...View Details

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