As the knee-jerk and improvisational dictatorship of Primo de Rivera lumbered through the 1920s, what were the reactions of Spain's societal factions,...View Details

Before there was Franco, there was another twentieth-century general who abolished democracy to restore the glory of Spain. But who was Miguel Primo d...View Details

In the first of two episodes, I join Mr W of the GCSE History Revision Podcast to talk about the rise of Hitler. In November 1923, a bunch of politica...View Details

António Salazar, Part 2

Having been installed as Portugal's Prime Minister, how did Salazar rule? What were his principles, and how did he outline his political philosophies?...View Details

António Salazar, Part 1

Often grouped among the Fascist dictators, Salazar quietly ruled over Portugal for thirty-six years. But who was he, what were his principles, and und...View Details

20. Club Life

The founding of the German Workers' Party, its nebulous and illogical principles, and the first impressions of it given by Adolf Hitler. Conflicting a...View Details

19. Viva La Muerte!

The Legion arrives in Africa, and Francisco Franco is determined to model this new unit in his own image - organised and dedicated, but also cruelly d...View Details

18. The Fascist Manifesto

The Fascist movement was made up of outcasts from across the political spectrum, so what were the aims stated in its original programme for government...View Details

Being elected to a representative body that was part of the Bavarian Socialist Republic is hardly the act of a lifelong anti-Marxist, but how strong a...View Details

16. Following Orders

As Major Francisco Franco combats the rise of leftist unrest, displaying the same brutal coldness to his fellow countrymen as he did to colonial rebel...View Details

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